Friday, October 22, 2010

Diego....Love it here

well~ I am back in San Diego for a few days....I miss this place so much! The weather when i got here was raining and cold. Today has been chilly and drizzles. Has been a really long day and I am sooo tired. I spent some time wth Ashlee today and it was nice seeing her, talking to her and catching up with her. Chilling with katie right now....miss being in the same town with her and Jeffers....One day in about 14 months we will all be in the same town again....that will be nice.

Tomorrow I am dreading. Shots begin. OUCHY! Back and hips, this should be a rather fun day.....not. I am so glad that crystal is picking Lexi up from school. When I talked to lexi on the phone tonight she was super excited telling me about riding home with Crystal and the kids today. She really enjoy s spending time with all of them. She is going to be so very sad when the twins have to go to Texas for 6 months to spend time with their mommy....sad times ahead for my baby girl....Makes me so sad to think about it.

Very Grateful though to have such a great neighbor and a good friend in Crystal....I sure do like her lil dude....he makes me smile. :) It is good to have neighbors that are nice, that become good friends. :)

Let's see.....Katie is blowing up my bed right its bed time for me....haha....I didnt sleep much last night. Was a long drive and woke up early, couldnt get back to sleep for anything. ugh! So...I am going to try very hard to sleep better tonight, thanks to my great magic cocktail from my doctor. :)

See you next time..... nighty night

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  1. I really need to take a trip to Cali. We were suppose to go for our honeymoon but we got too busy and never actually took one. LOL. We're hoping to make it out there this summer. *fingers crossed* Heard so many great things about it.