Crazy, Hectic Days.....The Old & Restless


It started like many days do....Waking up at 6am with mike and laney (our puppy), then its off to wake lexi and get her into the shower. Gracie and Callie(our cats) are chasing each other thru the house to make sure everyones knows they are still there as well...Haha. :) By the time I get breakfast for the love of my life and the little love of my life and animal loves of my life,haha, its out the door i go to walk Lexi to school. Sometime her little friends go with us, not today. When I get home I usually go for another walk just to take laney for a good walk, to tire her out for a good nap. While she is napping, I finally have time around 11 to read my paper that mike brought in at 630am and have my lunch. Dont sit to long though, laney needs to go potty, the puppy life is sooooo fun. :) Got laundry, house cleaning, to do today...Oh and got to run to Old Navy to use my coupon Katie sent...woohoo.....Have to also stop by the school to volunteer for an hour...I love to volunteer... <3.....Time I get done there, I will have to run back home finish the laundry and run back to pick up lexi and run her to get her gymnastics clothes on....drop her off and swing by to pick up my meds...oh im going to stop now...making myself write more later...


Been a long day...after my walk on the beach today...I went to work at lexi's school...Those kids are something else...Been a week and they already come up to give me big hugs...I love it. :) Had to take lexi to gymnastics and go back to open house for 90 mins or so, then back to gymnastics...rush back home to get dinner on for the fam....sit for a few and get ready to pick up my mom from the airport...she is flying in to surprise lexi for her 9th birthday thursday. Cool. :) Not much time to write now...have to leave soon to go get her....til then....nighty night