Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sundays got to see :)

Breakfast:Fresh fruit salad with honey dew, Peach, papaya, Grapefruit,Mandarin Oranges &raspberry Yogurt( as always I have chosen to get the most delicious fruit anywhere out there. I don't like yogurt but have fallen in love with this must try this yogurt everyone) YUMMY!

Lunch: Chicken Salad sandwich on seven grain bread with red onion, cilantro & celery( I absolutely love this chicken salas sandwhich....omg...I cant believe this is a diet i am on...really...Is this true. :) I ate this and went out for a walk. I cant believe after 4 days of the TFD how much energy I have. I don't feel as tired anymore.

Dinner: Grilled chicken breast with raspberry chipotle sauce with ginger glazed carrots and cashew and orange brown rice pilaf.(I warmed this in the microwave and was pleasantly surprised at how tender the chicken as and juicy. The raspberry chipotle sauce....melted in my mouth with flavor. The carrots were my favorite....

Hors D'oeuvre: Ginger Poached apple with Mascarpone cheese....This was pretty amazing as well....I just wanted to see what pached apple tasted like...yummy. ;)

dessert: sugar free Raspberry Peach Angel bites(Now TFD...I don't know how you do it....How do you call this sugar free...I cant even described the flavor Of this wonderful Peach...The raspberry flavor together with all I can say..I wish I could have more...RIGHT now...Well and some cheesecake...LOL...

If you haven't yet been tempted to get on this diet yet, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR! It is simply amazing. I cant ever describe the flavors. The melt in your mouth...every little flavor....down the back of your throat, into your tummy....I cant wait to go to the door to get my next days worth....OMG :) Its like CHRISTMAS everyday :)

I know your waiting to see Saturdays food huh... Here it is ")

Breakfast: Fresh fruit with Watermelon, Blackberry, Apple, Orange, Red grapes, & Cinnamon Pear Cottage Cheese(I could eat Fruit salad every day...I think I might have have a love affair with fruit salad...TFD has the freshest fruit lie.)

Lunch: Citrus glaze grilled chicken salad with romaine lettuce, hearts of palm, tomato, Pistachio & Honey ginger Dressing.(Once again The Chicken is tender after heating...the honey ginger dressing was sweat but perfect for my taste buds.)

Dinner: Grilled Chicken Breast with Ginger miso Sauce with Artichoke hearts and steamed broccoli( I aam not fond of ginger or artichokes but I will tell you I gave this a try and I actually ate the whole dish and it was very filling...I love the broccoli)

Hors D" Oeuvre: Crispy chicken tender with ranch dip

Desert Teriyaki tender beef & Zucchuni skewer might be asking why I have chicken tender and tender beef for dessert...I think i messed up when ordering...No biggie really. My daughter ate this tonight..That means I had I can have grapes tonight for dessert and maybe some watermelon instead. Oh yea.. 100oz of water for me everyday...I have forgot to log this every day....Sorry. It is very important to have water. I have 5 20oz bottles of water a day. I sometimes add manderine oranges to flavor my water, very yummy. :)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

My TFD Friday Menu is so YUMMY! :)

Breakfast~Blueberry Cream Cheese Crepes with Fresh Pineapple & Wild Berry Sauce
(These blueberry crepes were so lite and fluffy and the berry sauce left me wanting it again)

lunch~ Fresh Mozzarella Wrap with Baby Spinach, Roasted Bell Pepper and Basil Pesto on Sun-Dried Tomato Tortilla.
(Wow, I dont know if i can even described this....You have to try this if ou have the chance to...i shared this with my daughter who is closed miinded about everything and she LOVED it.....Amazing flavors all in one great wrap) WOWZER!

Dinner~Chicken Cordon Blue with Ham & Swiss Cheese with Nine Grain Pilaf and Roasted Water Chestnut(again~ I love Cordon blue and this put any codon blue to shame I have ever had.the flavor was so good, tender and even after heating it up still was juicy and tender.)

Snack~Peanut Butter Chip Cheese Cake ( I can hardly believe it says snack)

dessert~Chocolate Pudding Topped with Toasted Almonds(Amazing...Amazing....Amazing)

OK~ First Off Let me say....I didnt think it could get any better than the first day on the TFD! Then the second day came....Its going to be very hard to contain my excitement every day now to try the food. Thankss to Trevor and his talking about the CHEESECAKE...OMG....I couldnt wait to try it....Every bite as worth it....Now I am left wanting more and more of it...Thanks a lot. :) The chocolate pudding topped with toasted almonds has to be an early favorite for me as well. This had the most amazing flavor.

The Fresh Diet Has Arrived~

Oh....My....This is the most exciting day....I love fruit. The banana's were a little brown but hey..I love em'

Lunch time was just as delicious...chicken breast with the DIE for....

I can hardly wait for snack...Dinner and dessert...I feel I have something special....I do. Ha Ha...AAWWHHH Thank you TFD.

update....Dinner...was so delicious..the chicken was tender...and juicy...I heated it up in the microwave...the sauce was good as well. Snack...what can is say..How inthe world could this be called SUGAR free...No way...I ate every crumb...I even wanted to lick the plate....seriously...haha....One hour then I am going to eat dessert and quit eating for thie night....yummy. ;0 )

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The fresh diet begins Thursday

I am so excited that I won the grand prize and will be doing this for a month. I had a lot of fun picking my menu. Let me say this....It was like being a kid in a candy Three meals and two snacks to choose...yummy. I was looking forward to picking my cheescake. Haha...Thanks Trevor. :)

My first breakfast will be:Fresh Fruit Salad with Cantaloupe, Raspberry, Papaya, Banana, Pineapple & Cherry Yogurt

lunch:Grilled Chicken Breast with Baby Arugula, Orange Segments, Mango, Strawberry & Citrus Ginger Dressing

dinner:Grilled Chicken Breast with Port Mushroom Marsala Sauce with Brown Rice with Pecans & Scallions and Southwestern Corn Saute
snack:Sugar-Free Apple Cranberry Cake

dessert:Mixed Fresh Berries with Creamy Ricotta Cheese Dip.

Doesnt that sound like an aweful lot of food....yummy.....