Monday, February 7, 2011

KaT from TFD!

My friend kat from TFD got a $ 65 gift certificate donated from a store called csn, she is giving it away to a lucky reader on her blog. How much fun!!!!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Fresh Diet Special of the New Year

If you havent heard yet....The Fresh Diet is doing a special!! Jump on board right now and buy a block of 31 days. this is the time to get a few days if you can! What are you waiting for!!! <3

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Immmmmm Back!

Gosh I have missed you blog!

Vhristmas was great! I had my girls home, jeff came with katie and the week before mama hurban came with Oj. We got to take them down to fisherman's wharf and to Cannery row to enjoy some good weather for a change. Ok...on to christmas with the loved all of their gifts of course. Mike got me an amazing 3 stone diamond ring that is just beautiful. My mother got me the matching coach wallet to my purple coach purse that I have been wanting forever, thank you mother! I got a lot fo wonderful gifts that i love so very much. We got a very nice blanket from christina and family that we love very much, thank you! I swear to you I love to cook, How do you think I got so plump to start with...haha. I made a ton of cookies, all kinds. I think the favorites had to be the chocolate peanut butter favorite too! The tea ring mama made, to die for with a litle scoop of vanilla ice cream..yummy! You now with the help of TFD, thanks goodness I learned how to get through this holiday season...i could eat anything I was serving but in moderation. :) No your limits!

Today i drove 7 hours back home from San Diego....shots again. YUK....but this trips was awesome in the fact that i got to meet Carol and Laurence...I really love these two so much. In fact they can be my new adopotive west coast parents :)....yea that sounds good. lol....They are the cutest couple i swear, so nice and just welcomed me into their home. Loved it. :) Thank you

So, my resolution is to get on this darn blog and write more. I have been so busy at work that I havent much time. These kids make my heart melt on a daily bases and really enjoy beng there with them.

Saturday, October 23, 2010


Let me put this out there....I have this issue on Fb! There is this person...wont mention the name, wont have to. Im thinking about posting the letters I have got recently on my blog for the world to see just who this person is behind close doors. This person is such a fake it is driving me nuts, they keep making it appear as though I am the one bullying and I am the furthest from that as everyone that knows me knows that I am a warm, kind hearted person. I dont know why I have let this person get under my skin like this, but after this week and the fb messages and the fakeness....omg...I am so over it! Grow up and get a real life honey!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Diego....Love it here

well~ I am back in San Diego for a few days....I miss this place so much! The weather when i got here was raining and cold. Today has been chilly and drizzles. Has been a really long day and I am sooo tired. I spent some time wth Ashlee today and it was nice seeing her, talking to her and catching up with her. Chilling with katie right now....miss being in the same town with her and Jeffers....One day in about 14 months we will all be in the same town again....that will be nice.

Tomorrow I am dreading. Shots begin. OUCHY! Back and hips, this should be a rather fun day.....not. I am so glad that crystal is picking Lexi up from school. When I talked to lexi on the phone tonight she was super excited telling me about riding home with Crystal and the kids today. She really enjoy s spending time with all of them. She is going to be so very sad when the twins have to go to Texas for 6 months to spend time with their mommy....sad times ahead for my baby girl....Makes me so sad to think about it.

Very Grateful though to have such a great neighbor and a good friend in Crystal....I sure do like her lil dude....he makes me smile. :) It is good to have neighbors that are nice, that become good friends. :)

Let's see.....Katie is blowing up my bed right its bed time for me....haha....I didnt sleep much last night. Was a long drive and woke up early, couldnt get back to sleep for anything. ugh! So...I am going to try very hard to sleep better tonight, thanks to my great magic cocktail from my doctor. :)

See you next time..... nighty night

Friday, October 15, 2010

Immmm Back!

Boy have I missed you Blog!

I hate when I get busy and I dont get here to blog....We have had this week off from school for "fall" break, the weather has been beautiful. Been hanging out with crystal and her kids this week. Lots of fun! Tuesday we went to downtown Monterey to the farmer's market, 4 city blocks of is fabulous. Crystal has never been and it was fun taking them down there. Afterwards we went to Big Bear diner where if the kids bring in a stuffed animal they eat free, so two adults came with 4 kids and they all ate free, so cool. Wednesday we went to Lover's Point is Pacific Grove as she hasnt been there yet either, it is a beautiful park by the ocean with a little beach area for the kids to play in the water. They had a ton of fun in the water.....
Last night we took them to the Skating Rink, Lordy I havent had skates on in years. I had so much fun. Thanks Crystal for getting m out of the house and making me laugh so hard this week. ;)

Thursday, September 30, 2010

New info starting today my peeps

Starting today I will be adding cool things I find intertesting and want to pass along to everyone. With holidays coming up I may just start putting up where to find cool deals a well....

Today Fish Price recalls 11 million products check it out: