Friday, October 15, 2010

Immmm Back!

Boy have I missed you Blog!

I hate when I get busy and I dont get here to blog....We have had this week off from school for "fall" break, the weather has been beautiful. Been hanging out with crystal and her kids this week. Lots of fun! Tuesday we went to downtown Monterey to the farmer's market, 4 city blocks of is fabulous. Crystal has never been and it was fun taking them down there. Afterwards we went to Big Bear diner where if the kids bring in a stuffed animal they eat free, so two adults came with 4 kids and they all ate free, so cool. Wednesday we went to Lover's Point is Pacific Grove as she hasnt been there yet either, it is a beautiful park by the ocean with a little beach area for the kids to play in the water. They had a ton of fun in the water.....
Last night we took them to the Skating Rink, Lordy I havent had skates on in years. I had so much fun. Thanks Crystal for getting m out of the house and making me laugh so hard this week. ;)

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