Saturday, October 23, 2010


Let me put this out there....I have this issue on Fb! There is this person...wont mention the name, wont have to. Im thinking about posting the letters I have got recently on my blog for the world to see just who this person is behind close doors. This person is such a fake it is driving me nuts, they keep making it appear as though I am the one bullying and I am the furthest from that as everyone that knows me knows that I am a warm, kind hearted person. I dont know why I have let this person get under my skin like this, but after this week and the fb messages and the fakeness....omg...I am so over it! Grow up and get a real life honey!


  1. Aww I feel for you hunni ♥ Went through something similar recently with my "friend", we did so much for her and her kids, only to have her turn around and bag us behind our backs just because I didn't like her 18yr old son talking and acting inappropriately with our 13yr old daughter. Life is tough and there always seems to be people out there who are set on making it tougher :( Chin up dear, things always have a way of working out and getting better ♥

  2. People are like that sis. fuck em. Let em live in their own misery, don't give them company! Know what i mean?