Saturday, July 31, 2010

I know your waiting to see Saturdays food huh... Here it is ")

Breakfast: Fresh fruit with Watermelon, Blackberry, Apple, Orange, Red grapes, & Cinnamon Pear Cottage Cheese(I could eat Fruit salad every day...I think I might have have a love affair with fruit salad...TFD has the freshest fruit lie.)

Lunch: Citrus glaze grilled chicken salad with romaine lettuce, hearts of palm, tomato, Pistachio & Honey ginger Dressing.(Once again The Chicken is tender after heating...the honey ginger dressing was sweat but perfect for my taste buds.)

Dinner: Grilled Chicken Breast with Ginger miso Sauce with Artichoke hearts and steamed broccoli( I aam not fond of ginger or artichokes but I will tell you I gave this a try and I actually ate the whole dish and it was very filling...I love the broccoli)

Hors D" Oeuvre: Crispy chicken tender with ranch dip

Desert Teriyaki tender beef & Zucchuni skewer might be asking why I have chicken tender and tender beef for dessert...I think i messed up when ordering...No biggie really. My daughter ate this tonight..That means I had I can have grapes tonight for dessert and maybe some watermelon instead. Oh yea.. 100oz of water for me everyday...I have forgot to log this every day....Sorry. It is very important to have water. I have 5 20oz bottles of water a day. I sometimes add manderine oranges to flavor my water, very yummy. :)

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