Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Busy as always

Look at my little model....lol...She is always striking a pose...eats like a horse but never,ever gains a pound...she will be thanking her daddy that she got his genes...

So, I have been extremely busy this past week planning Lexi's lu's spa/sleepover birthday party....now im wishing there was a chucky cheese close by...lol... Im on a mission this week to go out and buy everything on my list...Out of 10 girls only 3 have verbally rsvp to Lexi at school..2 are the twins that live by us...lol... what is wrong with people these days that they dont let you know...its just the polite thing to do so you know how much to get....I have so much to buy for goodie baskets....Going to have a chocolate fountain...the Lexi has asked for blackberries, strawberries,banana's, raspberries, blueberries and rice krispie treats to dip in the chocolate...YUMMY right....Oh to be 9 again and have no worries.
will be doing a vegie and fruit tray and having lots of pizza. They will have to dign in to get there mannie and peddie done, will have teenie bopper magazines to read and movies for them to watch....for breakfast im making homemade waffles and serving them with strawberries and chocolate chips...whip cream...woohoo...send them home full of sugar... LOL... :) I hope she has a good time.... I will send them home with a good basket of manicure set, flipflops, finger nail polish,headband,eye cover, of CANDY~ lol...

Im going to need a spa day myself when this is all over....I think my husband is going to hide out in our bedroom...lol...Thankgod for ps3 and plasma tv in there....hahaha....Its just one night...I keep syaing that over nad over in my head. We will survive... She is worth it. :)

My diet is still going very well. Im biking for an hour a day and walking for 30 miniutes in the afternoon. Still on 1500 calories a day and I lost 1.5 pounds last week. I miss my TFD food but Im trying my best...Im doing my fruit salad in the morning or having oatmeal for breakfast. :) Have to get back to SD soooooon.

Well...tons to do cant be siiting on the computer all day today...Much love my peeps...cya soon <3 hugs!

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