Monday, September 27, 2010

What the ??????

My mood is What the! no really it is. I don't know but it is just weird today. So here is my picture to go along with my mood. Hahaha. I'm tired of the mood swings, hot flashes, fighting, whining. Why cant we all just get along and just love each and appreciate that we are family. Some people don't even have families. Some people would love to just be LOVED! period. Man growing up I would have loved to have my siblings even recognize me. I was to busy trying to get my mother to recognize me. UGH.....I just cant take it anymore. My head is hurting all the time from the constant stress. My heart is hurting. Blah.

I went for a bike ride this morning to try and clear my head a bit, didn't work. ugh. I have a long day at school tomorrow...Its picture day and i signed up to volunteer. I get a free picture package for Lexi, so It is worth it in the end for 2 hours of volunteering, right? Then I go straight to to SD at the end of the week....I'm hoping for a peaceful trip, fingers crossed. I may pack a sleeping bag and sleep on the beach JK......I love the safe place. My get away place. :) There is just something about sitting on the sand, listening to the waves crashing into the shore....its just great. I love it!

Well....blogosphere~ I'm off to get dinner going for my peeps....thanks for hearing me. I <3 you all.

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  1. The beach is where I go to clear my head too. My best friend, Nikki, of the canine variety, died on monday, Oct 4th. so I went to the beach that afternoon. Nikki loved to walk by the beach. It just felt good being there.
    So I'm with you there, Tina.