Sunday, September 26, 2010

Missing you blog!

Well so sorry!

I havent updated in two weeks.....I have been so busy. I did lexi's bday spa/ sleepover party and I have to say it was a big success. These 9 little girls said they have never been to such a wonderful party. The best birthday party ever and there will never be a party to top this one, unless I plan a better one that is. lol. Im so glad Lexi had a great birthday. She is so worth it. The big hit of the party was the chocolate fountain, the best thing I have ever bought. haha big hit!

I have been faithfully riding my bike everyday for an hour....friday I decided to add an extra 30 mins about killed me. No really. My side was hurting and so out of breathe. I guess Im not ready yet for the extra time. bummer. Will try again next week, maybe I will add 10 mins at a time. Yea thats sounds like a plan.

This week will be busy at school. I have volunteered to work school picture day on tuesday. I will get a free $40 package, which works out great for me for 2 hours of my time. :) Sweet. Friday I made 200 bags of popcorn for spirit friday...that was fun. I really enjoy giving some time to lexi's school.

Lets see....this coming weekend I am heading to Sd to get my shots in my back..oh joy. At least I will get to see the girls and spend some time with them.

Well....its that time...Have to make dinner and get ready for my nice,hot bath. :)

Will update more this week...peace out :)

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  1. What a great idea! Is this what you do when you have girls? haha...I wouldn't know. All our parties are sports related : /