Monday, September 6, 2010

Monday 9/6

Well, Its Labor day...any plans out there?

We are totally going to relax today....Mike is doing homework, lexi is playing the wii and me...well, Im relaxing. :) It looks like it is going to be a nice day out today, thank goodness. Going to take a bike ride with lexi later this afternoon. Plan on doing some steaks on the grill, a little one for me though. Thanks to TFD im really taking control of the portions. I had my own version of fruit salad this morning, so not like what I have been having but will have to do now. Made pancakes for Mike and Lexi.....Lexi had two cant believe it. Haha....

My mom went home yesterday....It sure was nice having her out for a visit. Maybe next time she will come for a little longer visit so I can take her around and get to carmel area...Love it there. Glad she had fun and got to see Katie and Ashlee too...oh and she got to meet Jeff... :)

It was nice to spend time with ashlee...I have missed her. Those hugs she gave me sure were tight. :) Thankful she is texting,emailing and calling me now...hope it keeps up. :)

Always enjoy spending time with Katie and Jeff as well...wish I had more time. Her enchiladas were yummy...spicy (LOL) but very good...what a good little cook she is!

Most of all it was nice to get back home, spend time with my hubby and just sit down and get off my feet. Those shots in my back sure did hurt more than ever this time...made me sick to my tummy. Feeling better today though. Maybe when I catch up on sleep it wont seem so hectic around here. Doubt it...haha

So...that's it for now....maybe if I feel like it I will write more later tonight... :)

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