Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hump day

Ha... hump day! Who decided to call it that anyways...Its wednesday, which means its early day for school. But this weeks its different, no school monday for Labor Day and Wed, Thur and Fri are going to be early days for teacher conference days. Oh Yea! ;)

Lexi sure is milking her little injury to her foot.....let me tell ya what she did....She was standing on the kitchen counter trying to get a bowl because she wante to make some soup last night. Mike and I were sitting in the livingroom when we here crash and then crying....he jumps up (takes me awhile) She is on the floor crying and holding her foot. At least she was honest about how she got there. So, she bruised the bottom of her foot and im sure it really does hurt alot....when she got home from school I let her put my boot(when I broke my foot and had surgery I had a boot)on to help her BROKE foot. I thought it was cute, daddy thinks it I can get a photo to add to this blog later...Anyways....he says she is totally milking her little injury....aawwhhh well of course she

As for is getting colder here at night and that means the arthritis is getting worse in my hips. I had deep shots last friday into my facets and trigger point injections, I hope they last a little longer this time. I took a really long, super hot bath was nice. Its weird how im having issues with raising my right leg now...will have to let my Doc know when I got back on the 1st for next round of shots.

Mike is super busy studying, almost time to start a new quarter. He is here but not here...Make sense...Study study study....He goes to school and comes home to study...needs to find time to do something other than study.

Katie is doing good...always makes me proud...taking her math class and working. Probably so tired of her crazy mother by now...I just hope one day she knows how much i appreciate all that she does for me and for her sisters.

Ashlee is in 11th grade, I sure hope she will soon find herself. I worry so much about her. The child is so hard headed, strong willed. So much like me in many ways its scary. here for now...mad love

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