Saturday, August 7, 2010

Wow...Strawberry stuffed french toast....

Strawberry Stuffed Whole Wheat French Toast with Honeydew and Cinnamon Apple Yogurt.

Turkey Deli Whole Wheat Wrap with Baby Lettuce & Dijonaise

Beef Kebab with Peppercorn Brandy Sauce with Sweet Potato Hash and Steamed Broccolini

Blueberry Orange Muffin

Coconut Cheese Cake

I am so inlove with the Strawberry stuffed wheat french toast, wow....If you haven't tried these yet, what are you waiting for? Simply amazing. I can't say enough about TFD fruit, so fresh and yummy. I have deifinately become a big fan of yogurt now. This week I have also become a fan of the wraps. The turkey was delicious and I cant wait to have this one again. I had the blueberry muffin for early snack today, for some reason I was feeling hungry today..must have been the long walk I tokk the puppy on this morning. :) for dinner...The beef kabobs were good, the peppercorn brandy sauce was different but good...I love sweet potato so that was delightful for me. Can I just say WOW....The coconut Chesecake...Fantabulous.....WOW......Thank you TFD!

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